This year we are going to be holding contests and giveaways for all of our patients on our Facebook Fan page. Many of you have probably heard about our Care to Share referral program, for those of you who haven’t let me tell you how it works:

If one of our patients refers a friend or family member to our office, they will get $25 credit to their account here at Santa Maria Periodontics once the referred person shows up for their first appointment. If the patient which was referred to us starts treatment then the patient who referred them will receive an additional $25 credit, for a total of $50. We will also give the patient which referred a $10 gift card for Starbucks when the patient they referred starts treatment. Of course the patient who was referred is also getting a deal. Our Care to Share referral program entitles the new patient to a significant discount for their first visit (regular fee is $290, discounted fee is $88).

We are going to take the Care to Share referral program to the next level this year. At the end of the  year we will calculate the total number of patients referred by other patients. The patient which referred the most people (who actually showed up for at least their first appointment) will win a grand prize. The grand prize will be determined by Facebook questions and polls. This is why we are inviting you to join us on Facebook, we really want to hear what your ideas for this grand prize will be. A few patients have suggested a day at the Avila hot springs, dinner for two at the restaurant of your choice, and an iPod Nano. The prize can be a service, dinner, spa treatment, electronic item, so use your imagination and be creative!

To get started add Dr. Silvera as a friend and also head over to our Facebook Fan page and “like” Santa Maria Periodontics. We love our patients and would love to interact with all of you online!

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