Surgical Therapy

Pocket Reduction

Osseous Surgery is used to trim away infected tissue, recontour uneven bone surfaces, eliminate deep pockets and provide access for proper cleaning and maintenance of oral health – thus eliminating areas where bacteria and plaque accumulate. Patients with deep pockets, especially those who are diabetic or have weakened immune systems, are more likely to develop a periodontal abscess which is a dangerous infection that can cause rapid and irreversible damage to the gum and bone tissue surrounding it, Osseous Surgery is the only way to treat this bacterial infection and prevent it from recurring.

Flap surgery with Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is used to access root surfaces for the thorough removal of calculus and plaque and a reduction in pocket depth.

Regenerative Procedures

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) is used when defects in the bone have regenerative potential; that is, the ability to grow back. This procedure is used in conjunction with either osseous surgery or flap surgery. GTR is used to regenerate tissue around teeth. With a combination of bone grafts, bio-active enhancing materials, and membranes, the regeneration of lost bone and soft tissue is achieved.

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