Excellent customer service does not always have to look the same from individual to individual. I believe that each person has something unique to give that no other person can give. That special unique touch is you, if you choose to share yourself with others.

Sharing the little touches and nuances that make you, you, is what makes the difference.  You can transcend the customer service experience from good to great when you choose to share yourself and to be yourself.    For some it may be providing a smile, for others it might be speaking an encouraging word, still for others it may be the warmth and care reflected in their eyes, for others it may involve listening, for others it may be sharing cool information from a website or from a Tweet, and yet, for others it may involve small talk and the sharing of a recipe.  Why so many examples, you ask?  The answer is the list can go on and on because each individual brings a special touch that cannot be replicated so the answers on the special touches are limitless and infinite as the stars.

Why, you may ask? The answer is that we are all uniquely, specially, and beautifully created in God’s image. Take comfort in that there is nobody in the whole world exactly like you!

Since none of us are like another, there may be little nuances and special touches that add that special glow to the interaction between a customer service professional and a customer that only you can provide. So, please stop trying to be like everybody else. Instead the key to providing excellent customer service lies in cherishing yourself as uniquely and perfectly made in God’s eyes and sharing that in an interaction with a customer.

Where and how do I begin, you ask? The first and most important decision you can make in transitioning from providing good to great customer service experience is:  Give yourself permission to be you and bring your whole self into the customer service experience for the client.

Ask yourself: What can I share about myself? How can I share who I am with customers?  What can I bring to the customer service interaction that is uniquely me?

What is that, you ask? The answer is in giving yourself away as part of providing excellent customer service.  God created you as a gift for your parents, now give yourself as a gift to others.   I believe every single person brings something to the table that no other person can recreate.  Why, you may ask?  What makes customer service excellent is each person using their God given gifts and strengths to add that special touch, that special glow, that special flavor that is uniquely you, that cannot be recreated. What is that special touch, you ask? My answer is, “I do not know.   What is something that you can do and give that when you give it your special flavor that no one else can replicate? What can you do to make another human being feel cherished, cared about, and encouraged?  What is your way of giving or of gifting yourself when providing customer service that only you can do? What makes you, you?”

Here are my top 8 answers, decisions, and choices to providing excellent customer service to clients:

  1. A commitment to welcoming others with a smile and with warmth within seconds of meeting them.
  2. Caring about another person’s wellbeing, even if I do not personally know them.
  3. Valuing each individual as being unique and specially endowed with strengths, abilities, and gifts from God and acknowledging they are a part of God’s family.
  4. Sharing resources.
  5. Sharing an encouraging word or two.
  6. Going beyond the expected.
  7. Being flexible and recognizing that each individual and situation is different so a solution that will work for one will not work for another.
  8. A personal commitment to giving my best to help a client resolve an issue or problem.

So in the end, the question and challenge for you remains:  What am I going to do and how am I going to do it, to stamp my own special imprint to providing unique and excellent customer service to the client by gifting myself?

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